Russian brides east west


Russian brides east west

By all means wait for girls to contact you but you may singles in houston tx out on many opportunities if you do so. Not sure about that take. Mail order brides around the world Mail Order Brides Search for charming Mail order brides in the East Meets West virtual network of photo and video catalogs. When foreign men travel to Ukraine, they can meet Russian brides in both the east and the west.

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A cursory glance at the Internet about the women of Eastern Europe shows hundreds of pages about marriage. It seems that men from western countries prefer to marry women from the east, especially Poland and Russia.

Why do men from western countries prefer to marry women from Eastern Europe? One of the web pages gives these reasons: Eastern women are known for their beauty; Polish girls and other eastern European women are highly educated and intelligent, they have traditional family values, younger women are more willing to marry, Polish and Russian women are proud of being females, and a life with a foreigner means a life full of surprises. However, all of these reasons are false since the same thing could be said about western women.

The reason why western men prefer to marry women from the east, such as from Poland, is much deeper than simple slogans used by internet companies. Eastern women like to care for their husbands, and allow their husbands to take care of them. The feminist movement did not root itself so deeply in Eastern Europe, which is why Polish women are not afraid to be feminine, and can appreciate the manliness of their partners. It does imply, however, that women from the east are easier to figure out.

A lot of pressure in our culture is given to the beginning of a family at a certain age, hence some men seek Polish women to marry out of desperation. Are western men so afraid of their manliness and of defeat while searching for a wife in their own country that they use email to meet a woman of a different culture and country?

Are western women so repelling? These and other questions arise when contemplating this issue. Is that caused by the beauty of a typical bride from Poland? Are men so enamored by women of different cultures? Personally I think that the issue is about feminism and independence. Saying that women from Poland and other eastern countries are the most beautiful is absurd despite the fact that Polish women are for the most part beautiful and skinny. Overall I believe that women form the west are physically not so different as to make them unattractive in this part of the world.

Thus what is left is only the male fear of not finding love in the west. The western culture needs to also be taken into consideration when looking at this issue. Was it culture which led men to believe that the eastern women are superior to western women to the point that they are ready to marry them without physically meeting?

Does our culture show us, western women, as being power-hungry? If the above assumptions are correct, something is not right. Men are leaning increasingly more to finding love in other parts of the world, so there has to be a reason for that. But hey, this is nothing more than my opinion!

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